Hump Day 10 weeks out

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Training, Triathlons
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Two weeks all in with HIM (half Iron man) training. The increase in volume is still kicking my butt. So far, I am hitting my marks for each day except for swimming. Gradually increasing distance in the pool, and working on correcting my kick from the knee to kicking from the hip which I need to get done to raise and level my position the water. Workouts call for 2400 yards, and I am hitting 1400-1600 yards this week. As I learn better form and become more hydrodynamic, distance and perceived effort should improve.

Knee is feeling much better. The week before, I smacked it on the pavement while running with Jake & Abby (weimeraners). A dog had come up on us along the route,and Jake cut back in front of my shins. Physics took over as mass plus motion requires a certain distance to come to rest. I did come to rest once I crested over the top of Jake 🙂  We need to work on Jake’s sense of where I am while running. They do love to run, especially the longer ones. So far I have had them out to 9.5 miles, and they just want to keep going.

This week brought a pleasant surprise. Went out for a moderate run (45-60 minutes) on Monday with 2 – 1 mile repeats on schedule. It was 80 out, and plenty hot. Legs felt like lead telephone poles during warm up. With the heat I decided I would split the mile repeats into 1/4 mile and 1/2mile repeats, (thinking I might not even get through those in the back of my mind.) My mile target was suppose to be 8:33/mile pace. What I ended up with: .25 mile @ 7:28 mile/pace, .25 mile @ 7:24 mile/pace, .25 mile @ 7:20 mile/pace, .25 mile @ 7:20 mile/pace, .50 mile @ 7:40 mile/pace, .50 mile @ 7:42 mile/pace. Once I dialed it up, no aches/pains, and I felt fluid around the track. I haven’t ran those kinds of paces since 1997. Very nice surprise, especially considering I really did not feel like a race machine to start the work out.

Decent bike week so far, cadence is holding well in the 93 to 100 rpm range. Time in the aerobars is getting easier as I drop weight and gradually adapt my back and neck to the aero position.

Now that my training time has jumped into 11-13 hours a week, it has become a challenge to not only fit it in between to-do tasks and work, but also manage it to where I am not feeling totally drained. Last night called for the 2nd workout of the day to be a short run (25 minutes). I got that in by running from work to Kost Tire to pick my truck up. I had left it there that morning and took the Cortland Transit that stops at Homer High School. Works out well as the high school is across the street from work. I put in a nice uptempo run, and got the truck inspected. However, I was planning on a 100 minute run this morning which would work out to a 10-11 mile run. Not feeling it his morning as I type this. That work out will get pushed back to this evening. With my current plan from Endurance Nation, my long run also includes 4 x 1/2 mile repeats at 5K pace with the rest of the miles done at marathon pace. It does get your attention. Still getting use to the schedule as long runs occur mid week, with long bike sessions moved to the weekend.


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