Indulging The Inner Techie- Updating The Tri Bike

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Syracuse Ironman 70.3, Training, Triathlons
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After taking the plunge and signing up for the big 70.3, I turned my attention to my racing crotch rocket. Other wise known as a tri-bike. I still had (have) my Cannondales from the early nineties. One was set up in a somewhat forward seat position, customary aero bars,and rear wheel disk cover. It served me ok, but in the end, basically road bike geometry, tricked out to be a tri-bike. My other road bike, remained stock. I also had my 1990 hard tail mountain bike and a tandem (both were also Cannondale). Needless to say I was a big fan of their bikes.

Given the 15-20 year spread on bike technology, I thought I needed to learn what had changed, and maybe go for a new bike. I could now reasonably select a carbon frame (a technology that had become mature,and commonplace) that was now more affordable, but also a more comfortable ride without giving up stiffness that makes a bike more responsive to pedal/power input. I could upgrade from 6/7 speed rear sprockets to a 10 speed rear sprocket. Even more important, I could select a frame that was triathlon specific with a forward position as it’s main purpose.

One of the side benefits of the timing of my search was that early winter was essentially the off season for bike gear. The pricing is much more attractive with demo bikes, end of year stock, make room for new models, and fellow athletes looking to unload the prior seasons gear to purchase new gear for the 2012 season. I had narrowed my choices down to a Cannondale Slice, and a Specialized Transition Pro. I found a 2011 Specialized Transition Pro as a low mile demo for a sweet deal. Over the course of the winter I picked up a set of specialized /HED trispokes,and a RENN rear disk. Added a speedfill hydration system, and may still add additional rear mount bottles for long course, but haven’t decided for sure on that. Most of my time on the bike has been on the fluid trainer. The few rides outside, have me really liking the upgraded ride. As I tell people, the bike looks fast, is fast, but the engine is suspect, requiring an overhaul 🙂

Hopefully next year I can add power monitoring (widely used training tool.) Measuring power is a well used metric with the Endurance Nation training plans. Working with a heart monitor for now, but it would great to know actual work being done as opposed to heart rate and perceived effort.

Here’s the new ride:


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