Pre “Big Training Day” Jitters

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Syracuse Ironman 70.3, Training, Triathlons
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Today is a big day in my Endurance Nation Half Ironman plan. Aptly called “Big Training Day.” The plan calls for all three disciplines, not a race simulation, but close. The idea is to test your strengths and weaknesses, check your nutrition over the duration, and your various responses to the workload. You need to be “all in”, and have your game face on.

Originally, I was suppose to be in the turkey woods this morning, to take a young hunter out for opening day of the youth spring turkey hunt here in NY. No calls, no show. With a gap in my day, my afternoon training will move up. I’ll ease into it, fuel up,and go to the gym early today. Weather calls for not so warm temperatures, and rain. Mentally, I had enough of being on the bike trainer.

This is the end of the 2nd week of a two week cycle in the training. It’s also my initial adjustment to the HIM plan with a big uptake in training volume. My legs are still toasty from the 10 miler on Thursday. The long run by itself not a big deal, but done with 1/2 mile repeats, and the other workload on prior days has kicked my butt this week.

I’ll ease into the day, enjoying breakfast with my wife, as I fuel up for 3-4 hours of training. Over the past several months I have done several sprint length tri’s at the gym, but today will push it out to Olympic + distances.

As day break approaches, I’ll go on porch and listen for turkeys to gobble on the roost (we have a log home that we built in the woods,) while I enjoy my first cup of coffee. I will relax some and then get my head right for training. Since this will be an indoor event, I’ll load up the ipod with some upbeat tunes (metal, hard rock, as I played bass in rock bands for many years).  At a minimum, my cadence will be rock’n  🙂

I’ll post later tonight post-mortum


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