“Big Training Day” -Done, over with………….

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Syracuse Ironman 70.3, Training, Triathlons
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Done, over with. one more significant workout checked off towards the goal of completing Ironman Syracuse! Not to be negative or portray it as drudgery, it is important to note that the goal of finishing has a few more details, especially with being a Endurance Nation Team member.

Those that know me personally, would tell you that I truly enjoy the events, the races, and for many reasons. Although the EN training protocols result in faster times, better performances, they also stress race execution to a much higher degree. Race smarter, enjoy the experiences more, strong running in the back end of the race, and look good doing it. Those concepts were a major factor in joining Endurance Nation. Being able to run well in the back end of a long course triathlon is s much better race experience than blowing up early in the run, and hanging on for dear life to the finish line.

The morning came and went as planned. Enjoyed a peaceful few hours with my wife, starting the morning off with a good cup a coffee out on our front porch, listening for wild turkeys to sound off on the roost. The woods were quiet today, but enjoyable just the same. After a hearty breakfast, I grabbed my gear and off to the Cortland YMCA to execute the big day of training.

Going into this, I felt overloaded on dead legs. I would push and meet as much of the main sets as I could. Today would be done entirely indoors due to cool temperatures, and impending rain. I had it worked out for short transitions from the swim to bike,and from bike to the run, along with gatorade, powerbars,and a couple of GU gels. During the swim sets, I concentrated more on form. Working on kicking from the hips seem to go a little better today. I felt tired on the swim, but I got my swim done before “water babies” took over the pool. From there I quickly changed and got settled in on the bike trainer. Out of the three workouts, cycling went the best today. No problems with getting enough nutrition/calories, and no GI issues. Cadence was good, staying between 91 and 97 rpms with an occasional spin up to 101/105. As expected, legs were not that happy switching to the run, but I stuck it out with pace + 30 seconds per protocol for 3 miles, and then did another mile at target marathon pace. I would have like to gone a full hour, but my legs were jelly at that point. All in all, I didn’t leave any available energy go unaccounted for, and feel completely spent. Mentally I did ok with this, especially as it was close to 4 hours of training, I kept my head into it, paying attention to how smooth or not smooth things worked.

This ends the training week  for me, as tomorrow is a rest day. Going out to West Virginia to hunt thunder chickens (wild turkey gobblers) for a few days. I will get one or two workouts in during the afternoons. The coming week will be the first week in the next cycle of build up, I am looking forward to the short rest, and getting my legs back. Despite being spent, there is also a good feeling that a lot of work was done, and I can expect to see a return on the investment over the coming weeks. 9 weeks to go!


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