Top Of 9 Weeks To Go

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Running, Syracuse Ironman 70.3, Training, Triathlons
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Play time is now over, and reality will be back tomorrow to greet me. Although walking the big ridges of West Virginia chasing gobblers may be a little more than casual walking in the woods, it is certainly not the intensity of race prep. Tomorrow brings a 5K run test to update my VDOT. It’s an important one as all of my near future run training paces will be based on it. I missed the bike test, which I will need to fit in, and I will query coach Rich & Patrick on that. Being on vacation I also missed two swim workouts. I’ll get the swim test in on Friday. Just like the run test, similar idea for biking and swimming.

No panic really, as I needed the rest. The training will become more intense and more focus as race day gets closer. Although the rest did me some good, I am looking forward to jumping back into it tomorrow.  I did a short run yesterday with stride outs, and it was hard not to want to go further and or faster than what was scheduled.

As a side bar, I found out today that I lucked out for the 2012 NYC marathon lottery! Have to add  that to the race calendar for this fall!

In the mean time, I must focus…………………………..


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