Bike Fit – Round 2

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Here’s my most recent position on the bike. With the bike portion on an ironman being an area that huge time gains can be made by being more aero, bike fit is critical. Not only for reducing drag, but also for human concerns such as comfort, and power. Most important is that reducing drag, and increasing comfort allows you to reduce your split time by increasing speed for a given power output (watts), or to allow you to conserve energy for a given speed, allowing you to have something in the tank for the run. Comfort contributes to speed, as the more time you can stay in the aero bars, the more aero you will be over the distance of the course.

In the very near future, I may lower the bars another spacer, and repost. As my weight drops, and I become more acclimated to the aero position, I think I can do a little better in lowering the frontal area. Any observations, opinions welcomed.


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