Under the 8 week to go mark. Another good week of training. Very happy with running gains this week, and making some progress in improving swimming form. Bike was not bad, although I am at a point that being on an indoor trainer is becoming a mental challenge for the 2 & 3 hour sessions. Hoping the weather warms some, and I can get out on the open road without getting frostbite or brain freeze.  

Knee is feeling better although I had to nurse it a little. I was getting a tightening along the outside of the affected leg (Iliotibial band) I did most of my runs on soft surface, and concentrated on light spinning on the bike, which gave me immediate relief. Adding in some stretching to further stave off any issues. Better to back off a little to avoid any down time.  

Getting a few nervous thoughts as the race nears. In my plus column I have a good training plan, and a good race execution plan. Tripping up over Jake and smacking my knee rattled me a little, but it seems to be healing up fine. I am just starting to get use to taking longer to recover, and my body is responding with some improvements.  Weight loss is stagnant for another week. It has been doing that off and on as I find balance between losing a pound a week verses fueling my training sessions. Not that I am at a bad weight, I would be stoked to weigh 170 something as I toe up to the start line on June 24th. We’ll get there.

I had a hunting buddy over today,and he remarked on earlier conversations about how I felt the best I ever felt when I was in my early thirties. My response today was I had noticed that I was feeling more like that, and much better than I did 54 pounds heavier. With my target of 160 in my sights, I am more excited about feeling the way I did years ago, much more than even finishing Ironman Syracuse. For me, this is a profound thought as the 70.3 milestone has been first and foremost for the past 4 months, and is the main focus for the next 2 months. Ironman Syracuse is the critical element in achieving that feeling of well being.

Getting close to the big day, I need to go back over all the key points that are spelled out by Endurance Nation. Coach Rich & Patrick really stress race execution in their plans and communications.  In 4 weeks I will be at Cooperstown for a sprint tri. I have it as a non “A” race. The following week I will be at Keuka Lake for an Olympic length event, also a non “A” race. Although there are race day simulations in the training plan, I like the idea of doing it for real. Mentally, this works for me to get out there and change up the training while trying it on for size. Along with identifying any problems (transitions, GI, nutrition), I will execute the same racing protocols I will use at Ironman Syracuse. Knowing that I will have a set plan, and a script to follow really helps in having confidence that I will finish and finish well on the big day. 

After the two warm up races, there will be another big week of training , then the taper to race day. I must admit, I am so looking forward to that taper.




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