With my right leg Iliotibial band acting up, I dropped running this week. Last Sunday I ran my workout with 1/2 mile intervals,and I could feel my Iliotibial band tighten up, and I bagged the run with a slow last mile, and some walking.  No accute pain, just overall tightening,and my shin felt a little sore. I purchased a foam roller and got immediate relief. Per Coach Patrick’s suggestion I worked it all the way up on to my hip. I could really feel it when using the roller. With six mornings of chasing turkeys around on the big ridges, stretching and working it out with the roller, I felt good enough to run today.

I fretted over this during the week. Not that I am so worried over time goals, or speed. I just want to finish well,and not hobble along or have to pull out, and throw away the money invested in the event schedule. In my reality, it really is a motivational investment for my health. The side bar to having an interruption to stave off further injury and heal up, is that the unscheduled rest also has benefits with intense training. Admittedly, I probably don’t rest/sleep enough with all the things I have going on.

After a morning of turkey hunting with my wife, I decided to do a 2.5 mile run on a seasonal road in Solon. With turkey hunting ending at noon each day, the road would be quiet,and I can run our two weimeraners unleashed. The route I chose has a few small hills, and it would give me a chance to see how the legs were doing. I ran the work out as called out for in my plan, and negative split the return back to the truck.  To be truthful, I was itching to get back to running, and it felt great. I found that my legs wanted to go faster than what was called for. That and It all came with less perceived effort and lower heart rate. I felt a few twinges here and there, but the run went well, and I only felt a little tightness in my Iliotibial band. Went home, used the roller, refueled and headed back out for round two with the bike.

Two hour bike today after the run. By the time I got out, it was windy,and It had me nervous for a bit. I had the race wheels on, and the side winds made the bike very twitchy to be down on the aero bars. I’ll opt out on the rear disk next time on a windy day. All in all, a solid bike. The ride really stretched out my legs. I kept the cadence high, using smaller gears. Things are on the mend.  Other than that, a decent week on the bike. Swim sessions much the same.

I may have to ease back in to running over then next couple of weeks, but I should get in two or three runs in the 11 to 13 mile range before the big day. I will have to watch the speed work, and intensity to not further aggravate my Iliotibial band. With two half marathons under my belt this season, really no need to worry on having enough training to at least complete the third leg of the race. It would be great to apply all my gains that I have made the past few months, but not at the expense of having to pull out of a race due to injury.

My goals are to finish well. I’m not fixated on a specific time or pace goal other than trying to execute the race plan Endurance Nation style. I ‘ll have whatever fitness I have come race day. Executing the plan with well thought out paces will make for a good race. My real worry is to having down time over this distraction should it turn chronic, and I would rather deal with it now. I am in this for the long haul. I have events later in the season along with NYC marathon in November. Not to mention there may be another 70.3 this fall, or in 2013.  Being healthy and injury free plays a big part in all this.  How well my body adapts to the training, and how well I recover, execute, and perform on the big day in June, may lead to or rule out making a commitment to a full ironman in 2013 or 2014.

Things are getting back on track, and looking forward to it!


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