Big training week! Earlier part of the week was broken up due to traveling to AIA Vision Technology show in Boston. Put up a decent run effort of 5 miles without IT band flaring up. I did the run on a treadmill to dial in paces (not to much, too fast, too soon.) Stretching with foam roller continues.

Friday was the swim rehearsal. Although no epic fails, I posted boat anchor splits for 500 yard intervals. Absolutely sure that I will not be first out of the water on the swim leg. 4AM mornings in the turkey woods is catching up with me. 5hour energy drink does not cancel out 4-5 hours of sleep………..

Today was the bike/run rehearsal. 56mike bike and 6 mile run were on the menu. No real problems on the bike other than strong cross winds. Wind gusts kept me out of the aero bars quite a bit. I ditched the fourth 14 mile loop after doing 42miles. I had enough of riding in the cross winds. Nutrition worked ok with Rocktane & Power Bars. Averaged just under 18 mph, considering the lack of sleep, I’m ok with it. Run transition went well, and my legs responded better than expected. It was getting hot, in high 70’s. Per Endurance Nation protocol, I did the first 3 miles, 30 seconds slower plus backed off the pace a little more due to the heat. I did have a side stitch after using Gator Aid Perform. Walked a little after mile 3, and picked it up on the back side of the run. may need to add water to the Perform or use something else. I may just use gels, no past problems with those.

Solid workout, no major issues other than being exhausted. Next week calls for a 120 min long run, little nervous about IT band. I plan to ease into it, and see what happens.

On to final six weeks to go!


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