Running is coming back! 36 days to go!

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Running, Syracuse Ironman 70.3, Training, Triathlons
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Even though my legs are toasted today, I am stoked for the weeks winding down to the big day. After backing off running intensity, and volume for the past few weeks, I decided to do a gut check to either green light doing Syracuse Ironman, or regroup, and explore less desirable options. With just 36 days to go, I needed to find out whether I could post a long run without major pain/discomfort, or have to bail out due to pain or further injury.

During the past two weeks, I put in a few runs that went 50-60 minutes. I did feel twinges, and some tightening of the Iliotibial band on my right leg. No real pain, just my brain freaking on every little twitch I felt. Once I finished, no significant discomfort. Stretching with foam roller continues with immediate relief of any tightening that I might have.

Having a possible show stopper this close had me worried. So much riding on the big build up to finish the 70.3 miles. No sponsors to please, no prize money that I would ever need to worry about. This is not my day gig, or payday. It’s purely emotional, as it represents all the effort from committing to it this past October, and bringing my health & wellbeing back to a place it needs to be.

Spring Turkey season continues, and lack of sleep is still an issue. Beginning of the week, I spent three days in Vermont. Although I didn’t get much training in, I did a fair amount of hiking while out hunting. The long hikes felt good on the legs. My Endurance Nation training plan this week called for a 120 minute long run, which I planned to do last evening. I actually slept in that morning to shake off the fatigue. Running from my house, I put in a hilly 11.5 miles. My first mistake was not doing a few flatter loops to warm up. Instead, I went right up the hill from our driveway. Heart rate spiked at 172 bpm, 0.7 miles into the run. Realizing my mistake, I backed off, and concentrated on getting down to zone 3 or low end of zone 4 efforts as I had more climbing in the miles ahead. Because of this, I felt I was working much too hard the first 3 miles. Eventually I recovered, and settled into a nice rhythm. I did want to work my legs some, but was not too excited about doing intervals. I picked the hilly route to put in some work on the legs, but without the pounding. Over the 11.5 miles, I put in 1,393 feet of climbing.

End result, my legs are toasted from doing work, and no other ill-effects. Whooo! Hoo! I still need to ease back into more miles, and some intensity, but as long as I concentrate on form, and watch what I do, I’ll be good to run on race day! One more long run in two weeks in the 120 minute range, then taper.  Getting past this hurdle is a huge relief!

Tomorrow, I’ll do my 3 hour ride on the Syracuse Ironman bike course.


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