Long run done! Taper to Syracuse

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Running, Syracuse Ironman 70.3, Training, Triathlons
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Key training session last night. Last long run before Ironman Syracuse 70.3. Two weeks back I put in a really hilly 11+ miler that I ran slow. I used the hill work to push the legs, but ran smooth and slow, as to not aggravate my injury. The past week of deep tissue massages from Lee has really helped with the tightening on the outside of my right leg. More so than the relief I got from rolling with foam roller and stretching.

For my last long run, I choose a relatively flat route from work that traveled out and around the village of Homer, and then would finish up on the high school track for the last mile. The run would go just over 12 miles, and I did do two of the mile repeats called out in the main set. I did those 30 seconds slower than half marathon pace to accommodate the heat. The third pick up of 1.5 miles at marathon pace I left out, and concentrated on keeping long run pace. Having not done much speed work or mile repeats in past few weeks, I didn’t want to push it. Overall the run went well, no issues other than being a bit too conservative in fear of not being being fully recovered. There were times during the run that I wanted to switch a gear, and push it out. I finished the run with my legs feeling spent, but good in the way you feel when you accomplish a significant body of work. After the run, plenty of water, a hot bath, perogies for dinner, and deep tissue massage on both legs. Lights out after that.

A swim workout today, and then travel on Saturday to the race. I may get in a short bike workout, but will skip the run other than a few stride outs to stretch. Getting in a solid long run is much more important than gaining another minute in my time. Participating in Keuka Lake Olympic Triathlon this Sunday, I need to keep a little in reserve. I plan to execute the race as I would Syracuse, using biking and running protocols as promoted in my Endurance Nation Training plan. I could race it as an Olympic distance event, but risk flaring up my injury, and having more down time. Although the next three weeks are tapering down to Syracuse, I still have a bike/run rehearsal, and a full schedule of training before the big day. I do need to get my head right in the swim, just ease into it, and get it done.

The last long run was a key training event, and so happy it all went well. I’ll report back after the race on Sunday.


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