Keuka Lake pre-race thoughts

Posted: June 3, 2012 in cycling, Running, Syracuse Ironman 70.3, Training, Triathlons, Weight Loss
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Keuka Lake pre-race thoughts

Amazing what wandering thoughts you have after a couple of glasses of a fine Riesling from the finger lakes. Of course, I never got around to capturing that later that night after returning to my dorm room.

I made the trip to Keuka lake in bachelor mode as my wife had way too many things she needed to attend to at home. As supportive as she is of all the things I get into, there are times that schedules conflict. Although she is not an athlete per say, Lee accompanies me quite often as the races give us great opportunity to travel a little, and experience places that we might not otherwise come across. We do enjoy traveling together.

I arrived shortly after packet pickup opened, and got settled in after getting my room key. Opted for the college dorm room for the overnight stay. Very basic, but worth every penny when waking up, and having only a five minute walk to transition. Heading in to Penn Yan, I was looking for a pre-race meal. Not having scoped out the area prior to the trip, I was winging it. Worse case, energy bars or pizza. Instead I ended up at Sarrasin’s on the Lake. I went from a bachelor meal to a pasta seafood diablo, along with a nice Riesling to compliment the meal. Overlooking the north end of the lake, I was wishing that Lee was also there as she would have enjoyed it as well. After a great meal, good service and a fine wine, I was very relaxed. Which prompts me for the topic of this blog.

Since I was solo on this trip, I had plenty of time to think about whatever came to mind or suited my fancy. I decided to do a laundry list and review what had got me to this place and time. Also to reflect on what I had been blessed with. Having returned to the sport of triathlon has been rewarding as many of you already know. In some ways it is fair to say it is life altering or life changing. It most certainly has for me. The past few weeks have been some nervous contention as I have so much riding on doing Ironman Syracuse. Not that I worry about winning or placing. The fear is in not finishing. It has been 18 years since doing a 70.3 Half Ironman event, and I have to respect the differences in the time span. Crossing the finish line on June 24th is about the huge body of work going into this, and finishing it well. In my plus column: months of training, a great training plan with Endurance Nation, solid spousal support, and mentally overcoming small obstacles and pitfalls that normally occur.

Regaining my good health of earlier years, weight loss has been a key motivator in all this. Currently my weight has stalled at 184lbs. I have been told this is not uncommon given the volume of training, and trying to fuel the workouts. To date it still represents a loss of 54 pounds, so I need to stick with it after Syracuse and continue on my quest to reach 160lbs. I do see body composition changes that is most encouraging. I may still drop just under 180lbs in the next few weeks, we’ll see.

In my blessings column, there are many. To be able to sit in a nice restaurant, enjoying the view, the atmosphere, the wine, and all the while thinking about racing in a triathlon, would mean that I have it pretty good. Spoiled would not be far off. At the age of 52 what pending health concerns I was facing have gone, and I enjoy no major health problems, most certainly a blessing in of itself. I would be negligent not to mention a loving wife, loving family, great home, and making a good living as an engineer. Life is not all perfect or without it’s challenges, but very good just the same.

Having overly worried and suffered my own self-imposed pressures over preparing for Ironman Syracuse, I found the evening collecting my thoughts to be very therapeutic and relaxing before the start of the race the next morning.

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    Just discovered this blog through Bing, what a pleasant surprise!

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