Keuka Lake Tri- All good, no bad, some ugly

Posted: June 3, 2012 in cycling, Running, Syracuse Ironman 70.3, Training, Triathlons
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Keuka Lake Tri- All good, no bad, some ugly

First off, kudos to everyone that helped put the race on. Great course, very scenic ,and I find it easy to do the events. Everyone does their job/function very well!

This particular race is the last multi event I’ll be doing before Ironman Syracuse. Much like Cooperstown, I would practice long course execution for pacing. Most important for me on this day was to regroup and recovery from buggering up the swim the week before. In short , this would be a moderately intense training day for me. The bike course has a couple of good climbs in it, and I would benefit from that. On the run, the first few miles would be held back on purpose 30 seconds a mile, and then take it up to race pace. Negative splitting the second half of the run is the goal. More important for long course racing, but I continue to train on that.

Staying at the college was great! Very basic, but when that alarm went off, and I was already just five minutes away from the transition area, I was good with it. It was a cool morning , around 55-57F. Water temp was at 67F. Radar indicated light rain turning heavy later in the morning. In my book, a “snarky” day. Transition was easy, volunteers and competitors were very friendly, and I enjoyed getting set up. I opted to have my new EN cycle jacket for the bike leg. If I got too warm I could unzip the sleeves. As it turned out, the jacket was a good choice.

Before heading out to the race on Saturday, I did a short workout at the pool , and worked solely on my start pacing, and a few form ideas that I thought would help. It did, and glad I got that done. The water was decent, although some small roller waves. Not all that bad. At the start, I carried out my plan, and kept in my head “smooth and steady= fast.” Close, I really did more like “slow & smooth= not real fast, but no panic.” I swam the entire 0.93 miles without stopping, without panic. I felt completely in control of my swim. Even when later swim waves came through, no problem. Although my swim is still slow, I enjoyed it as a good workout, and have a list of form items that I need to work on. So much better than blowing up the week before, and being in a panic. A step in the right direction.

Swim to bike transition went well, and I felt pretty good going out on the bike. I got settled in quickly and concentrated on keeping even, and a smooth pedal stroke. I felt very good approaching the hills. As I neared the top of the big hill in the course, my rear tire flatted. The tube change was all good until my CO2 chuck failed to work. A few minutes later, bike support came by , and I got it inflated with a hand pump. Off I went! A mile along the top of Skyline, I flatted again, same rear tire. I was done. Bike support came by 25 minutes later, and I got a ride back to transition. Not happy with a mechanical failure DNF. Glad it wasn’t my ‘A’ race. It was a big training day, so I shrugged it off. I do feel a little cheated in not enjoying the long downhill after doing the work to get up it.

Once back in transition, I turned in my chip, and then headed out on the run. Flat and fast! I love runs that follow along lakes and bodies of water. I carried out my plan for the run, and my legs felt the best they have felt in over a month. After two miles I started to pick up the pace, and the after the turn around I was running close to my long course pacing. Towards the end of my run, it started to rain, and rained heavier shortly after crossing the finish (unofficial ) I negative spilt the second half by nearly three minutes, very happy with that.

Later in the evening, I examined the two tubes and tire off of my rear disk. I found a 1/8” glass shard embedded still in the tire, barely poking through to the inside. I could have kept putting tubes in that tire til the cows came home. Would have been hard to find while on the course. First time I ever had a flat while in a race. Had to be my turn today. Yes, this would be the ugly part 🙂

Overall, a super day, overcame some big swim issues, got in some hill work on the bike, and executed a solid run. Three more weeks of training, and it will be the big day at Jamesville Beach!

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