Ithaca Twighlight 5k- A must do run just because!

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Running, Syracuse Ironman 70.3, Training, Triathlons
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18-1/2 weeks behind me in the training build up to Syracuse Ironman. It is a relief to back down from the big volume weeks. While last night’s Twilight 5k really did not fit that well into my two weeks tapering down to Syracuse Ironman, very pleased that I did it. Great to get out and push my leg speed a little, and enjoy a evening social event.

Having done this race before, it’s on my favorite race to do list. It’s flat and fast. Great volunteers, and very well organized. Pizza and bagels after the finish line is an added bonus. It’s one of the few midweek evening races in the CNY area. Even with a 400 plus field of runners, it has a casual and friendly feel to it.

The goal was to see we’re I was at running an up tempo pace. I had indications that I had gained some speed/fitness even though I had a few set backs with my IT band, and right calf. I would know in the first mile as to keep it up tempo, or enjoy it as a nice night out running. Really no pressure, as it would not be worth the risk of having an injury this close to the big race. Any twinges or pain in my right leg, and I would shut down any big effort.

The conditions for the evening race were outstanding. It was a gorgeous evening and cool, making it ideal for a race. A warmup lap on track felt good, and a few speed ups indicated green light on an uptempo pace. The first mile went well. I settled in quickly, concentrating on being smooth and even. No twinges or pain. 7:29 for the first mile, and I felt I could go faster. Mile 2, I slowed a little to keep my heart rate down, although perceived effort was much the same as first mile. Mile 3, I resumed my pace. Everything was working well. 3 miles @ 23:04 The next tenth was at 00:42. The course was a little long with another 0.14 mile according to my GPS run trainer. No problem, I was happy with the run, the effort, and most if all, no pain.

Shaving another 00:16 off my 5k time was a huge bonus. VDOT improved from 40.1 to 40.7. Working the plan from Endurance Nation gave me another tangible gain!

It was a quality evening, and a nice payback from the training. Today, legs feel toasted from the effort, but not painful or any indication of a problem. With an indulgence accommodated, I’ll follow out the remaining days according to plan, and make it happen on the 24th!


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