Rehearsal @ Jamesville Beach- Ironman Syracuse Swim Course

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Syracuse Ironman 70.3, Training, Triathlons
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Huge thank you to the volunteers, lifeguards, and the CNY Tri Club for making this happen. This was the last big or tactical workout before race day. All taper from here on out. For you advanced or good swimmers, it may be just another swim. A swim is a swim, you get wet, go fast. Since I tend to be more like a semi-floating concrete block, a rehearsal on the race course is a bonus.

The water is definitively getting warmer. It was been reported as to being 75F, I would guess it was not nearly that yesterday morning. Should it surpass 76F next Sunday,, I’ll still wear a wet suit, and forego eligibility for awards. I assure you that is not giving up much. My goal is to finish, feeling and looking as good as possible.

Friday night, I decided to try on my sleeveless full length wet suit. Glad I did.  While putting it on, the zipper pull broke into two pieces. Murhpy’s law applies to swimming as well. I can get it fixed, but will not be up in Syracuse (there’s a place called National Aquatics that can fix it I am told)  until race weekend.. I had this wet suit for many years, although in very good shape. I ordered a Neo Sport sleeveless  and will have that on Tuesday. Meanwhile, I have my full suit. It certainly works, but for the longer swim, I would like less restriction in the shoulders.

There were a lot of people there for the swim. I believe 100 swimmers, maybe slightly more. First wave would be a group doing two loops for 2.4mile swim. Thanks but no thanks, I’ll do one lap. I’m here for the 1.2 mile swim.  Maybe next year. Wave starts of 25 after that. Since I knew I would be slow, and out there for a long time, I went with the second wave. I felt good heading out to the first buoy. I had my mantra rolling through my brain: “Smooth & Steady”  I did just that. No breaks, only a few breast stokes to sight a buoy on second leg of the course. There was some weeds to contend with, but not bad once you got out away from shore. On the third leg of the course, I felt I was working harder, but I still felt good. Consciously thinking about form corrections, breathing, etc.  I felt my breathing start to race a few times,and kept it in check. No panic, no problems. 100 yards from the finish buoy, my right calve seized up. Very painful cramp. Lasted just a few minutes. Glad it was not out in the middle of the swim course. May need to stretch and hydrate more before the swim on race morning. Would not want to revisit that anytime soon.

I finished my loop in just over an hour. I felt good doing it, with the calf cramp being the only real problem. I can go a little faster, and I have a good ruler for that. Coming back on the third leg, it is real easy to sight the beach area, and it’s an added mental bonus. Not being a strong or fast swimmer, actually swimming the entire race course is a comforting factor. Again, a big thank you to all that put on the open swim event. It is very much appreciated!

On the way back to the truck, I snapped this photo for your enjoyment. Semi’s are on site, it’s getting real folks!


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