Today is a better day! After several days of taking it easy, foam roller, deep tissue massage, and a visit to the good doctor, my calf is nearly back to normal! Such a relief. I will get in some light spinning on the bike, and easy run or two before Sunday. Just to shake out the jitters. The new sleeveless wetsuit came yesterday,and I will do a swim workout in it  just to be sure all is good there.  So far I am doing a bang up job on taper, relaxation,and recovery!

My visit with Dr. Lynn Cunningham, confirmed what I kind knew. Calf is not tore or major muscle pull, but my diet needs fixing, and I am low on electrolytes and salt. At this point, I am not going to see anything major between now and Sunday, but I need to pay attention to my diet regimen as much as I do training.  Very grateful my doctor is a triathlete.  Looking seriously at going with Core Diet to get things straightened around.

The days leading to Ironman Syracuse are looking brighter! I do have to adjust my strategy to ward off cramping during the race. Really don’t want to go there, as bad cramping can make for a very long day or worse. I now need to do final preparations for race day, and stay clam. Yep, even an old fat guy can get a little nervous. Seriously though, I am getting pumped up for Sunday!


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