Pre race karma, happy thoughts, 15 hours to “Go Time”

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Syracuse Ironman 70.3, Triathlons

Super day today! Great day to enjoy! Moderate temps, lots of sunshine. Before I go any further, I wish everyone a great race tomorrow, and that it is a safe and memorable day.

I slept in this morning, and eased into the day. My wife had to work this morning (bummed about that), so it was just the dogs and I. A little stretching, light breakfast, and relaxed. Our home sits in a peaceful place in the woods, and I took full advantage of it. After a wonderful soaking hot bath, got the bike loaded and off to Jamesville.

Bike drop off was super easy, no problem with traffic. CNY Tri club had the tent up, and I downed gatorade with a hotdog fresh off the grill! Here at the expo to change shirt size, then home for a meal of perogies.

Later tonight a massage, pack the transition bag and get to bed early.

Random thoughts;

  • Water temp 75.9 this morning, cool night tonight. Wet suit legal swim, yeah!
  • Calf is feeling good, less to worry about.
  • Drink, hydrate, drink.
  • At 52, I am enjoying good health. Turned my health from a bad direction to a good one.
  • Thankful for a loving wife who has supported me  getting to this point. It is time away from the household
  • What I did 20 weeks ago helped me get here, I have a race plan, did the work. No excuses.
  • My first 70.3 that I did 18 years ago, I just went and did it based on my fitness, a few long runs/bikes. It was a suffer fest. Tomorrow I will not only seize the day, I will enjoy it start to finish. I worked for it!

Karma is good today, and I feel rested, and anxious to get it done. See you early tomorrow, game on!

  1. John White says:

    Good luck, let your training pay off!

  2. Carrie says:

    Good luck! I’ll be body marking tomorrow–you will do great!

  3. You are going to have an awesome day!

  4. luckysevn says:

    Will be thinking of you today while you’re out there crushing it EN Ninja-Style!

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