Five days post race! Doing rather well! Other than being a little ‘off’ (more than my normal ‘off’), a little tired, no gimping, no complaints. Good sign that I am itching to get back to doing some workouts. Per Endurance Nation protocol -training time off vacation.  Sleep has been strange,and I have been famished all week. I have indulged, but time to get back on the weight loss goal, and I’ll get it done.

I have a pile of photo’s from the big day, and you’ll find some them at the end of the post.

My big announcement at least for the day, and in my world: 140.6 Ironman sometime in August/September/October 2013! Race: TBD. Races in the running: Ironman Wisconsin, Rev 3 Cedar Point, Beach to Battleship are the current front runners.

No doubt there will be other 70.3 races. I may do Syracuse again, as a team, or maybe as an B or C race as it is early in the season. I love the race, the course, and especially the volunteers. The positives are a lengthy list.

Why do 140.6? It is on my bucket list. At 52, I would rather do it sooner than later. It may be my only one, it could be one in a string of them. Won’t know until I cross that point in time. Having a big goal suites me, and keeps me on track with fitness/weight goals.

My next journey will include along the way the usual list of local races (Boilermaker, Tromptown, Turning stone 13.1, Little York Tri), but will also include the NYC marathon as another bucket item this fall. No doubt 2013 will have a few local events on the calendar. This far out, just laying down the foundation for a big event. Endurance Nation Coach’s Rich and Patrick are currently reviewing the races I have lined up, and will set me up with training plans that will adjust across the next 13-14 months to get me across the finish line, and finish well.

A full ironman will entail some of the training I just completed, and will certainly build upon it. It will also have it’s own metrics specific to ironman training. It is not trivial, and will require focus and commitment on my part.

Post Ironman Syracuse, reveals that I have problems to correct and or improve upon. If I wish to succeed in my next goal, and cross the finish line, I need to address these very issues.

So far the list of items to fix, and improved:

  • Weight- no ifs, ands, or buts, It has to come off. I am not slugging around my big butt some 140.6 miles. I plan to slug around a smaller one  🙂   Looking to sign up with Core Diet, to not only reduce weight, but correct diet issues, and fuel properly for training. I know Dr. Lynn Cunninghamn will read this, and she’ll be on me to get this done. She is my general practitioner, and  very thorough. Very much needed reality check, and a good one.
  • Swimming- Need to be smoother, more efficient, and significantly faster. Solution requires coaching/lessons, and more pool time. I would likely finish the 2.4 miles in over 2 hours, and that would be close to 2:20. Come the big day, I do not want to be worried about being up against the cut off time. This is not a daunting issue, but it must be addressed
  • Bike- Add power (watts) measuring. I need to up my game and training with power will help with proper feedback. Before the 16-20 week plan to Ironman, I need to work on intensity, and speed on the bike. 112 miles is no joke on race day. Lot of hours in the saddle, and being able to back off the effort and still have a decent bike split is crucial to setting up a good marathon.  Later this year or early next. I will get a bike fit to affirm that what I have is ok or improve it. Current bike fit is decent, and comfortable. With weight loss, and a disappearing gut, I should be able to lower frontal profile.
  • Run- Continue to build endurance and fitness. Running is my strongest discipline of the three currently. Weight loss and Out Season (OS) training will add more speed. Will continue to have a more efficient stride. Keeping injury free will be key here.
  • Race day nutrition- Big issue. It appears that I am way under on electrolytes, salt, etc. Solving the muscle cramping in the later portions of long events is critical. I will have to experiment some to solve it. The obvious thing to do, is to adjust the amount/levels of fluids, nutrition ,and electrolyte,/sodium products to to alleviate the problem, and allow my body to perform at it’s best potential.

Looking forward to the next 13-14 months, there will be a significant effort to accomplish what I have set out. So begins my next journey!

BTW, a big thank you & photo credits to Dave Knabel, Sam Sampere, and Lee Joyner


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