2012 Turning Stone Races Half Marathon

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Running

This was a race I was really looking forward to. I was looking to do this one last year but had to bail out due to a sprained ankle. I approached this event a little different in that I would be using it in the series of long runs leading to NYC marathon on November 4th. I would be in training mode, not racing mode. The goal was to run an even race, at a constant effort.

What I liked/loved about the race:

  • Easy logistics, everything was easy to find. Packet pickup was well done
  • Great swag. Energy bar samples, coupons you would use, a great tech shirt, and a very nice finishers medal
  • Finishers treated to a pancake breakfast- thumbs up
  • Course- loved it, not super hilly or ridiculous steep climbs. You do have to work some sections, but you are rewarded with some nice long declines. Very nice terrain to switch up your legs. I found this elevation profile for your reference: http://www.halfmarathons.net/usa_half_marathons_new_york_turning_stone_races_half_marathon_map.html
  • Absolutely superior summer weather. Gorgeous sunny blue sky morning.
  • Professional law enforcement at all major intersections.
  • Great volunteers
  • Plenty of water, GU and Powerade on the course. Powerade is not something I normally used, but it tasted good that day, Especially during the later miles. No GI issues with it.
  • Event was well ran, and organized

I have only one item as a suggestion for improvement: Water stops every mile for the back end of the course. Let’s say from mile 7 on.

The race started in mid 60’s and it got warm at the end. On a hotter day, it would have been a problem having a water stop every two miles. Since I was not pushing too hard, no problems.

Nutrition worked well, I preloaded my bottle of roctane with lava salts (100mg),and took one more (250mg) right before the start. No cramping the entire distance. All good. I did a 1 mile warm up just to get loose, and a feel for the pace I wanted to start at. I made it to the start line with 5 minutes to go.

I totally enjoyed the experience, and ran it much the way I wanted to. In retrospect, I could have held back a little more in miles 2 &3. I maintained average heart rate of 158 to mile 7, and then bumped it up 163 until the last mile. Between it becoming warmer, and running the latter miles, my heart rate came up a little, but my perceived effort stayed the same, and my pace slowed only a little. I pushed the last mile, and still left some on the course. It was a good test to see how I could control perceived verses real effort. Most importantly, I enjoyed it from start to finish.

Kudos to the race director, team, and volunteers, a great race! One I would recommend!


  1. I also ran the race and quite enjoyed it. This was the first race that I did with a pancake breakfast and it was so good. I think it was very well organized and certainly one of the best race bags I’ve ever gotten.

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