One last long run down, one more to go

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Ironman Lake Placid, Running, Syracuse Ironman 70.3, Training

With Ironman Syracuse well behind me, as well as a summer full of memorable events, I am in a great headspace at the moment! Currently the immediate race focus is NYC marathon just 29 days away. Bucket list item, run it, cross the finish line, and enjoy it. No lofty time goal to fret over. Trust me, Ironman Lake Placid is enough to fret over, and is always in the background.

Even though all that I do or don’t do contributes to the big dance next July, I can enjoy a temporary reprieve of the high intensity focus of ironman training. No doubt I am improving upon my running and overall fitness. For the early fall it’s marathon training with time on the bike trainer, stretching, and hiking while hunting turkey & whitetail deer. I’ll blog later on the planning in route to Lake Placid, and what I may do at Ironman Syracuse 70,3 (leaning towards doing the swim or bike on a relay team)

Ran my second to last long run yesterday morning before work. One of the last few remaining critical workouts done, in the books. Dropped off my truck the evening before at work in Homer, NY. I would run a 17 mile route from our home just north of McGraw. Big hill first mile then a long set of downhills into the town of McGraw would constitute the first third of the route.

The chosen route then headed west to Polkville, then south to Blodgett Mills. From there I would head back north to the city of Cortland. I would pass miles 10-11-12 coming back to the city. Head due west again to Cortland State college, and then north again zig-zagging the city neighborhoods towards Homer.

Leaving the house at 5am that morning, it was quiet and peaceful. No wind, a balmy 51F, and a clear moonlit sky. No flashlight required. My goals: run easy, run long, and run smooth. I really enjoyed the tranquility of the early miles. First car went by around mile 5. Watching the sun come up was an added bonus. Even though it is hard sometimes to put in the hours needed for the last few long runs, this time was not so bad to get through it mentally.

The miles clicked off without incident, issues or problems, simply just doing work. My wife Lee drove by to check on me on her way to work. That was around 9.5 miles. Heading north out of Blodgett Mills, I heard a hen turkey yelping on the roost. The bird stopped yelping when I closed within 100 yards or so. Really enjoyed that.

For most of the run, everything felt fluid, in working order. I walked briefly after each mile (race rehearsal at water stops). For nutrition I slammed a GU gel at miles 4-9-13. I found myself to not be that hungry, but I did feel noticeably better each time I took a Gel. I ran with three water bottles with 250mg sodium (lava tabs) in each. No cramps or GI issues. Whoo-hoo on that!

I finished just outside of work and felt decent considering what I did for the prior 3+ hours. Took a hot shower at work, and on with the day.

Very happy with no aches or pains, or any of the little worries that always seem to crop up. One more 20ish mile long run left to do as a critical workout.

Looking forward to running in the big apple!

  1. Carrie says:

    Wow, can’t believe NYC Marathon is only 29 days away! Keep up the hard work!

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