Politics vs endurance workout- sometimes a good idea

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Training
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Not the first idea that comes into an endurance athlete’s brain. I had vowed not to watch tonight’s scheduled presidential debate for reasons I’ll expand on, but had a change of heart today. Before I veer off the reservation on my usual triathlon something blog, I’ll lay out a few points to base my reference, and also my respect of the other side politically.

  • First I am of a conservative mindset. Not unusual given my vocation as an engineer. In the world of stereotypes, no surprises At times I could be consider a neo-conservative or hardline right winger. On some issues, not so much. This is a true concept even for some on the hard left.
  • Before I rant on my motivation which prompts the topic of this blog, I am fully aware that I pal around and have wonderful friendships with those that have different views, even polar opposite opinions. This is America, not land of the absolute.
  • With that said, no screaming , name calling, you’re wrong, I’m right, or anything along those lines. This blog is not the place for it, and I will be first to agree to disagree. I value my friendships above any of this. Not here to dive into a huge debate, or political discussion
  • Should you be of the opposite mindset you could literally take my slant on things, and just use “insert here” with the appropriate liberal mantra, Mitt sucks, whatever. You’ll understand as you read further.
  • I make no excuses, nor do I apologize should you be offended. I do not expect you to apologize for your views. We are who we are. However, I could entertain a friendly wager at the next race, especially if you spot me time like a handicap in golf 🙂

My plan for this morning was to jump on the bike trainer to put in a solid hour to 90 minute workout. I just wasn’t feeling it this morning. With a planning meeting this evening for Leaf Peeper Half Marathon, my workout will be a late one. That means trying to muster up some motivation very late in the day.

Source of motivation: turning a negative into a positive. A frown into a smile if you will. Personally I cannot stomach listening to our current president speak. It bothers me to feel this way, as I was brought up by my parents to respect people in general, our military, officers of the law, and those that are suppose to lead our country. Maybe he is nice enough in person, I don’t know, never met him. However I cannot agree on his his stated views, policy’s or agenda. I hate the current direction of our country. Enough said. Now you know what I have for fuel for tonight’s workout. I’ll watch the debate while on the bike trainer, and hope I don’t spin the wheels off the bike. I could be injured 🙂 I’ll be sure to tighten down the wheel skewers, and be sure that the bike is firmly mounted on the trainer.

I have no doubt I’ll be fired up as soon as it starts, and it will end up a zone 4-5 workout for the duration. Probably will need a training rest day tomorrow 🙂

What’s your motivation for today’s workout?

That’s my rant for today!


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