Post debate- lie lie lie= rpm rpm rpm. Super workout!

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Training

Wow, debate is over, and true to my previous blog post, my legs are toast! Every pile of BS, every lie, just made me push harder and harder on the bike. The wheels did stay on. Totally drenching zone 4/5 workout.

Honestly, I can’t stand these debates. Nothing but posturing, and BS. Twisting details, numbers, facts (sorta, who do get to fact check the fact checkers) to look whatever way that is desired. Meanwhile, you and I, have to deal with the reality of what decisions are made. Never-the-less, I love my country, and the fact I can pursue my dreams. Some days are harder than others.  As I have mentioned elsewhere, I am spoiled, much to the point I can bitch and worry about every so serious stuff like GU gels, powerbars, and the every so important split times.

Seriously, I am very grateful for the life I have.

So in the end of my little rant today, I did in fact make a negative into a positive, and I turned my frustration with the “mean season” of politics into a motivated training session!


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