Last long run coming up in route to the big apple

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Running, Syracuse Ironman 70.3, Training
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Getting down to the last two weeks before taking on the big city. Since my run volume has not been huge post Ironman Syracuse, I am choosing to do a two week taper instead of a three week taper. This works for me, as I start to ache and have problems pushing mileage into the 30+ miles a week territory.

Looking at a 19 -21 mile run depending on how it goes. I would like to do it Sunday, but I’ll be out volunteering at the Leaf Peeper Half Marathon doing set up, and calling out the half way time splits. Ruling out doing it later in the day, as I want to have all the energy I can muster to get through 3-4 hours of training. I had thought about expanding my recent 17 mile long run route, and push it out through the town of Homer, pushing on towards the town of Preble. Especially liked logging the first third of the run in the dark before daylight. Just seems to make it go by faster. Watching the sun come up is a bonus. Not totally decided, but leaning towards making the trip up to Syracuse, and running the Erie Canal path. Even though it is very flat (boring to someone who is use to running hills), it is on a softer surface, and something one appreciates when running that far/long. I may leave the house very early, and still execute a good portion of the run before day break. Most certainly the run will be scenic, and peaceful.

I’ll likely do the short walk breaks each mile as part of race rehearsal. My long run pace will be slower than marathon pace. Only doing it this way due to discipline. Not expecting to get up to my pace early on race day due to the huge mass of runners at the event. Let’s face it, you generally don’t run the NYC marathon for time, unless you are way up front. Not expecting anything other than to enjoy it, and not walk too much.

Any reason to take a trip to Syracuse is a good one. After the run, I’ll stop by and visit my mother for a bit. The expo for Empire Marathon will be going on, may check that out. Looking at doing Empire Marathon for a full marathon in the fall of 2013. When all done with that, I’ll stop by Fleet Feet to see if the new  Nike Structure Triax + 16 running shoes are in.  Been running in the Nike Structure Triax shoes for the past 20 years.

I will report after the weekend on how it all went. To all those competing at Empire or Leaf Peeper, good luck, and may the wind be at your back.


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