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Posted: December 13, 2012 in Running, tattoo
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For those of you unfamiliar with what “Run Anyway” event was/is, take a look at the banner pic  that exists currently on Facebook,and copied below. On top of the epic  and awesome vibe that went along with this, you have to recognize what a group of people put together in literally hours, no CEO, no operating budget. None of the usual things you would expect to make a running event that had thousands of runners participating in. Volunteer, charity or for profit, this was a huge success. The power of social media via facebook, twitter, etc shined on that day, and is an example of what good came come from it.


Running NYC marathon was on my bucket list of things I want to do in my lifetime, as I write this, I am still conflicted, not sure that I will ever revisit doing this race. In the world view, the humanity view, it’s just a huge marathon, and any significance beyond that is primarily an emotional response. 5 weeks have past, NYRR is still flailing about with no resolve, exceptionally poor PR and even worse communications. Marathoners do not appreciate how poorly they have handled this. People in the affected storm areas still having many difficult problems, and will feel the effects for some time.  The haters, and the threats have either gone off to some other subject or quieted down to a whisper. They do leave behind a bad impression of the big apple, and of NY’ers, which is a shame. I know many folks from down state, and have great friends from the city. Unfortunately a black eye for many of the good people there. In time the city will bounce back, it’s what they do and are known for.

On to my third topic.

The collection of artwork expressed in skin otherwise known as tattoos, that I currently have, have significant meaning in one way or another. My artwork celebrates family,  my wife, and great marriage pushing on 13 years, hunting passions, and my love of endurance sports and personal milestones that I have conquered. If you do not sport ink, or dislike tattoos, my comments won’t do much in helping you understand the significance or why some us chose to get them. I am fortunate to have talented artist Josh Payne and my other go to guy, Scot Clark (Pinpoint Tattoo) in the same county.

I originally wanted to get ink’d after finishing NYC marathon, for many personal reasons. Needless to say, that idea fell apart. As I described in earlier posts, the Run Anyway event transpire into a epic, and awesome day. It is fair to say that it uplifted those who chose to participate. Given all that, it was a life event experience that is a wonderful memory, and worthy of committing to skin. Originally I had picked Josh Payne of Ascend Gallery in Cortland , NY to do the original NYC marathon idea. I have several tattoos done by him, and wanted to go with his big graphic, new school color that he is known for. Typically I have a good idea how it will come together, I had important elements I thought should be there, but no idea how it would come together. It’s good thing to trust your artist.  We had discussed this a few times prior,and Josh was very familiar with the race and the NYC area. An initial pencil sketch gave the project a green light. Josh gave it a refinement to better fit above the ankle,and it came together literally in minutes. The elements I gave him to work with : event name, big apple, central park, storm Sandy, and a beautiful sunshiny event day. The initial drawing had a cobble stone bridge coming out of the apple as a tunnel, but did not fit the targeted body space. Josh incorporated some old school feel into this with the wrought iron gate, lettering, and busted out the surreal color on the apple. Super stoked with the tattoo, hope you enjoy.





  1. trueindigo says:

    Terrific post and LOVE the tatt! I am thrilled to read about so many that ran “anyway”. Well done!

  2. Brooklyn Gal says:

    as a new yorker, I am incredibly offended by this entire post. Our attitude of you wanting to run through neighborhoods where people were flooded out left you with “a bad impression”? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    You deserved our vitriol, every single bit of it. all you cared about is that you couldn’t run. you proved it with this post. I am now remembering every single bit of anger I had at the marathon and any empathy I had at the fact that you spent the money to come here for them to cancel at the last minute has completely vanished.

    The marathon goes through my neighborhood. I always support it. I go out, I cheer, I meet friends and hand off gummy bears and gatorade. You have guaranteed that I will now not ever do so again. Congratulations on your self-righteousness.

    p.s. we don’t need your empty and hollow “they will bounce back”.

    • mookyj says:

      Brooklyn Gal, sorry you read into this the way you did. “bad impression” comes from the issued hate speech, and threats made against the runners. Did you jump all over the Knicks or the Giants that same weekend. Probably not. Runners were singled out on this, and treated as if we owed you. It was hypocritical as nobody had a problem with the professional sports that same weekend. Makes no sense. Did hoards of NY’ers show up in Binghamton after the big flood? I don’t recall any stories about that. The attitudes are horrendous. Your beloved Mayor jammed up everybody. It sucked on both sides, and should be acknowledge as such.

      Would I appreciate help if I suffered a disaster, lost my home etc, you bet! I would be forever grateful. Would I expect everyone to drop everything and help me, no. I would appreciate it, but not be like “You’d better be helping me or else.” I would not expect the world to stop just because I was suffering. I would hope that people would care, but they sure as hell don’t owe me. This respect thing is way off base.

      Your comment: p.s. we don’t need your empty and hollow “they will bounce back”. I call bullshit on that. NY is known for bouncing back. That was not a slam in any way, it was in fact a compliment.

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