Terror Strikes Boston Marathon

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Running
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A big thank you to those who checked up on me today. It is just as likely for me to be there as not. I was there on business last week,and ran the Boston marathon in 1995-1996. It would not be unusual for me to go there and watch as it is one of the nations largest spectacles. Those of you who have been there for the race or ran it, know what a packed last quarter mile to the finish is like. It is a deafening roar, and lined with thousands of people. The reporting is correct that at the 4-hour mark it is a sea of people making their last strides to the finish. They are also correct in that you typically see lots of young children along the course. I can recall children calling out bib numbers shouting encouragement going up heartbreak hill. It is something that you remember.

Had the bomb(s) been larger or more successful in imposed intent, the counts would have been so much higher. It is maddening and to bring one to anger that children were willfully targeted as well as the well-being of all that came to witness a great race/event. It is my humble opinion that hell does not burn hot enough for the perpetrators of this evil deed.

Being a runner and actually having been there before has me rattled a little, as it hits close to home. Like many of you, I do not wish to live in fear or to abandon the very things that bring happiness, satisfaction, and sense of purpose along with all that we care to do in our daily lives.

It is a scourge of our humanity that we endure terrorism, and the deeds of those with little or no regard to the gift of life. Is not each of our lives a gift, something to be regarded as precious?

Not wanting to be on a hate rant, I do hope for justice, and pray for those lost and injured in today’s terrible event.


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