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184 lbs, yeah! Current weight. Certainly much better than my 238 lb peak just two years ago. Reversed and corrected the beginnings of fatty liver disease, cholesterol is near normal range. All good stuff. My doctor is  keeping me honest in all this. No fooling her as she is a multi-ironman finisher. After all it is for my own good, and I have to deliver on my promises of goals to be met.

In keeping with signing up for the big dance next July (Ironman Lake Placid), I am not about to lug my big butt over the length of that course. At 5′-9.5″  My current BMI still has a ways to go.

I call this next issue to be address “low hanging fruit” as it has the potential to make a huge impact on my race paces, more importantly my eventual success at Ironman Lake Placid (thinking very positive here). Dropping the last 24 lbs. to reach my goal of 160 lbs. is huge. I can realize running 7 something minute paces for medium to long distances, even faster for short course. Most certainly will translate a few mph faster on the bike, not to mention working the hills. It is easy to imagine and appreciate not carrying around a 24 lb. bowling ball for 12-14 hrs on the ironman course. Bottom line, it is better health, and free speed.  Does it mean a 12 hour ironman finish verses 14-15 hours? I don’t know exactly, only that it has to equate to a faster finish time, less perceive effort, not totally falling apart maybe. Any of those three would be worth it.

Training and preparing for Ironman Syracuse 70.3, my weight eventually stagnated at a 184lbs. Not unusual with trying to fuel the training volume, yet my goal remains. Post Ironman Syracuse, back to training. NYC marathon is out there 15 weeks away. Would be a great idea to be lighter for a marathon as well. Not pushing  a time goal, but lighter is better.

Last week I signed up with Core Diet (, under the recommendations of Endurance Nation, and my doctor. I lost a lot of weight with Atkins diet, and my last round with south beach diet. Both plans for me, fell short when it came time to fueling big workouts. I know some make it work for them, It did not work for me at that juncture.  I opted for the mission plan, as I needed to learn and get all the help I can after the initial consultation.  After filling out a form to establish where I was at, things I liked or did not, body composition etc., I was emailed a comprehensive diet plan a few days later. The document was also complete with explanations, and very specific detail. A day later, I had a two hour consultation with registered dietitian Anne Rollins.  It was an intense two hours and a ton of information. All my questions were answered, and in the context of an endurance athlete. A lot of connect the dots as to how it all applies to my goals, and what I need for training. They have a service for race specific fueling,and I will explore that before next summer.

Changing a diet is a bit difficult as we like what we like. However this diet is not radical or forces you to abandon too many foods. Like many diets, it wants you to eliminate processed foods as much as possible. avoid high glycemic foods except around specific training /workout windows. Timing of food types, and workout windows are specifically addressed. This was what I was looking for.

Obviously the proof of how well it works will be self evident soon enough. So far I am liking it, no bonking, or sugar spikes. Recipes are very appealing!  With the goal of losing 0.5 to 1 pound a week, I’ll be at fighting weight this fall, and reach my goal before Christmas. One step closer to putting it all together for next July!