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It just got real today! 11:59:00am today, I started hitting the enter /refresh on my computer. 12:01pm, I got in the registration site for Ironman Lake Placid. All in, parted with my money, and laying it on the line for my 2013 ‘A’ race/event. I was told that my chances of getting in online are typically slim and none. I actually gave thought of driving up to Lake Placid to volunteer for the race yesterday, and sign up in person this morning. As of 30 minutes ago, 50 general entry slots remain. Had I not gotten in, then I would shoot for Ironman Wisconsin, or Rev 3 in Ohio. Both (IMLP & IMWI) are big Endurance Nation team events for 2013.

Next years race is a week later, so I have a 53 week count down. Granted, everything I do in one way or another contributes or detracts from my attempt at crossing the finish line. My Ironman focused training will occur either 12 or 20 weeks out depending on which plan I choose. The choices are an Ironman focus only build up of 20 weeks, or a pre-build up of get fast/outseason training- then 12 weeks of Ironman specific focus. Being an Endurance Nation team member, I have confidence that I won’t melt down come next July. I must confess that signing up comes with it’s own set of fears and anxiety, whether real, or self induced. Mind you, I do not come from a long line of athletes, much less endurance athletes. I would be the one to test the athletic ability of my lineage. Yep, I’m a little different.

My wife and I watched the 2011 Kona race a week ago. Some of the images of triathletes suffering severe craps, nearly falling over, etc, sticks in your head. The thought of losing control of one’s bowls, or passing out from pain, is certainly a fear. No doubt, I will discover what my body is capable of, and where the limit truly is for me. However, I will look good for the pictures come hell or high water 🙂

What I envision for the big day is much more positive than any of my fears. I am a member of a great team that not only teaches me how to train well, but also how to execute a race well. I also have that endearing quality of being stubborn enough to see it through. This is a life goal, and something I had entertained for many years, but did not have the confidence or the plan to make it happen. Dropping the weight, returning to the sport of triathlon, and being a finisher at Ironman Syracuse 70.3, brings me to this point.

I now have a major goal, and lots of milestones to achieve in between. I’ll have plenty more to post as my journey continues on.