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Still not totally “reconciled” a week after the ill fated canceled NYC marathon.

Still no resolution or word on what will be done for the 45000 runners who got little or nothing for their $250, not to mention those of us with non-refundable hotel/travel arrangements. Worse of all and more importantly, many of the storm’s victims are still without heat or power. Gas is a priceless commodity as well. That would be the negative side of the equation. Indeed, people are still suffering a huge loss in those areas. No win-win for anybody.

On the positive side, many runners donated, some traveled directly to the areas hit by the storm, and did good deeds, making a difference. The impromptu runs came together quickly thanks to the ever so connected world of social media. “Run Anyways” was an inspirational event, and I am glad to have witnessed it, and participate. More funds and donations were raised and collected there as well.

As I chose to run a solid half marathon effort, my recovery was quick, and I spent the transition week running with our weimaraners, and a few light bike trainer workouts. Even though training leading up to do the marathon certainly benefits my fitness that I can carry over, it was more run focused and endurance based.

Now that I have done a hard reset per EN protocol, I am all in with one singular focus, one goal: Cross the finish line at Ironman Lake Placid on July 28th, 2013.

37 weeks to go before the big dance.

This will be a very different season coming up. I love to do events/races. As a social athlete, I am in for the fun and excitement of the events. Over the next eight months, I will forgo many races that I might normally do. I have set my mind to follow the training plan, and not look to make exceptions to accommodate races that cause me to shift things around in the training plans, or require me to recover and not just train through them. This does not mean that I won’t do other events, but they will have to fit my training schedule, and not interfere with each week’s specific purpose. Each week from here on out, has a specific purpose, and necessary to achieve my goal.

As an Endurance Nation athlete, I have a season plan that takes me to the big day. Unlike what you may be thinking, it is not 37 weeks of ironman training. I chose to do Lake Placid, as it was designated as a EN team event, and part of the Master Season planned races. This means I will be working with the same goals as many of my fellow team mates, and draw upon the collective knowledge of the coaches and team members.

My 2013 season is broken down as follows:

  • 6 weeks of Bike Focused Plan- this includes running skills, heavy bike training no swimming. I picked this as I can make big bike fitness and time gains. Heading into winter, means cycle training indoors. Have to up my mental game.
  • 1 week reset, unstructured workouts as I feel
  • 14 weeks of Out Season Training. lot of work on getting faster, train to be faster. No swimming called for, but I will be looking for swim training/coaching on easy or rest days to improve my water skills. Weakest link, and I can drop a 2 hour ironman swim down to 1:40-1:45 maybe better than that. It will be a matter of when and where classes will be offered.
  • Mid April I will switch to 16 weeks of ironman training and begin adding endurance on top of the expected speed gains. I may attend EN training camp early June, as training on the actual course is priceless and critical to knowing where/when to execute race strategies.
  • Along with all this, I am focused on reaching reaching that 160lb weight goal, as I don’t want to haul around anymore of my fat butt than I have too.

Much of the focus will be similar to training for Ironman Syracuse 70.3. Of course it’s twice as long, and requires attention to all details. As before, Coach Rich & Patrick, my fellow EN teammates will have my back, and will guide me through the highs and lows, illnesses and or injuries should they occur. As much as I am in awe and intimidated at completing a 140.6 mile journey, I am excited for what I expect will be an epic day, and a experience that will be life changing.


I took the advice of my coaches and a bunch of smart triathlon peeps, doing light stretching, and pro-like resting. I found that I can do that very well. By the end of the week, I was itching to get back at it. Most of the weekend was spent getting back on to tackling to-do lists around the homestead.

Sunday evening I switched into my running gear and gathered up our two weimeraners Jake & Abby. It would be a short easy run, that happens to be Jake’s & Abby’s favorite route. A two+ miler that goes down hill the 2nd mile, and finish’s at Poole’s Diner which also sells soft ice cream during summer hours. They just happen to serve a doggie dish treat, which our dogs practically inhale. Pretty good stuff for us humans as well.

Our dogs just about turn themselves inside out when I gear up for a run. They absolutely love to go. Of course my running pace is little more than a trot for weimeraners. They can run flat out at impressive speeds if properly motivated. Lots of fun to watch them hunt in the turkey woods.

The run went very well, and my legs needed to get out, stretch, and do a little work. The evening had cooled down some, and was much better than running in the hot midday sun. The first 1/2 mile is an uphill grade and I went out an easy 9:30-9:45 pace. The trip back dropped to 8:30 and I held it there the next mile as Abby did not want to go any faster. Jake would go as fast as I could muster if I let him. At the bottom of the hill, I crossed East River Road, and then Abby picked it up. They both knew that once I cross that road, we stop at the special place. 8:10-8:15 the last 1/4 mile. Lee would drive the truck down, and would drive back up after enjoying our treat for the evening. Great run, spoiled the dogs, and a nice way to finish out the weekend. Legs felt really good,and looking forward to running the Boilermaker next Sunday.

This morning, I rode into work on the mountain bike. Seemed a little weird after the long hours of racing and training on the tri bike. Very nice ride in today. Short route, roughly 9 miles. I tackled the hill on Lighthouse road (1/2 mile, 150ft climb) and went up it with ease as compared to much earlier in the season. Average 19mph going to work, and it was an enjoyable workout. I’ll ride home after work, and likely work the hill up to our driveway (3/4 mile, 375ft climb) .

Glad to be getting back to training!

With the longest run behind me in my countdown to Ironman Syracuse, one would think I have “easy street” winding down to June 24th. Contrary to that thought, I have two days off scheduled over the next 15 days. After this weekend’s bike/run race rehearsal is done, then the volume tapers off. There will still be some speed/pace work to pay attention to.

Last night’s weekly long run was to go 105 minutes with a few miles done at race pace. I was feeling a little flat after doing intervals the day before. Coupled with irritation with stuff at work, I had less than the desired perspective to apply to the work out. Self-inflicted, but that is where my head was at.

I decided to switch up the long run, and instead bring along my running partners Jake & Abby. Just so happens they are both adorable Weimeraners, and they do love to run. In the past I have taken them as far as 9.5 miles on a hilly route. Abby is typically done at that point. Jake will just keep going. Of course my run pace is little more than a trot for both of them at best.

I decided to run my 8ish mile route on seasonal roads up around Morgan Hill State Forest. With spring turkey season over with, there would be little to no vehicles to contend with. Most of my runs with them require prong collars and 6ft leashes. They do run very well together as long as I let them lead like pack dogs. Without the collars, they would skate me across the road at will. With Jake weighing in at 125 lbs, and Abby at 75lbs, the run could easily get out of hand otherwise. In this case I could let them roam unleashed, although I would have the collars on them, and the leases with me. Even while having them out during fall turkey season, they both tend to stay within 10-60 yards from me.

Taking Jake and Abby out for a run, involves two things they love to do. Running, and riding in the truck. We avoid mentioning “going for a run” as it gets them both very excited. Just putting on running gear gets them wound up.

The evening was cool, and calm, a perfect night for a long run. I headed into the forest at my long run pace, quickly settling into a nice rhythm. Jake and Abby enjoyed themselves as they ran back and forth. The 8+ mile route likely ended up being 12-14 miles for them. Jake would find every mud puddle and ditch there was to trot through. Abby would trot through half as many. Jake acts very much like a young boy out playing. As the miles passed, the dogs continued to enjoy themselves running from the roadways into the woods, hoping to chase up a chipmunk or songbird. 80 some minutes later, all three of us ended up back at the truck. I put in a good endurance workout, Abby was done, and as usual, Jake would love to keep on running, all the while looking for something to hunt up.

The evening workout improved my mood, and I was better for having done so. Jake and Abby had a grand old time. It is one of my favorite routes, and the dogs just love the freedom to run along unleashed. Just what was needed to balance out the day, and enjoy quality time with our four legged family members!